An inspiration from a friend that set me thinking

"I learned that it is the weak who are cruel, and that gentleness is to be expected only from the strong. Leo Rosten"
This was the FB status of a friend. Read it and was reminded of the Beautitudes
Jesus is his Inaugural Address to the Public mentions few qualities that those who claim to be Children of God ought to possess. One of them being Gentleness/ Meekness. For the uninitiated, "Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the Land" Mt 5:5 (New American Bible NAB version)
To be meek u need to be strong and have a realisation of your strength. Its only then that one can actually be meek coz u know who u are and what one can do.
Just like charity can be expected from the rich, knowledge can be expected from the learned we can expect something only from those who have it in abundance. What do I need to share gentleness, KNOWLEDGE.
  • Knowledge that I am loved and that I belong to God the creator, saviour and sanctifier.
  • Knowledge That I am a child of the Father in Heaven who created the Universe and thus owns it. Me being His child makes me the owner of everything that I see as as every other person on this earth.
  • Knowledge of the Brotherhood in the Father's only Son, Lord Jesus Christ – the one who saves us from our sins. It was coz of his salvific act on the Cross that I can call myself my Father's son/ Daughter
  • Knowledge of the Son's Gift to us, the Paraclete – the one who sanctifies us and is the giver of all knowledge. The One who enables us to Call Jesus as our Saviour and God
Now why do I say this knowledge is important?
Coz when we realise this, we know that there is nothing, absolutely nothing that can be taken away from us or for that matter there is nothing, absolutely nothig that we actually need that we do not possess. We just need to ask our Father in Heaven who knows our actual need and would provide everything that we need and at the opportune time.
When this realisation strikes home, then it becomes much more easier for me to be gentle coz I am really stronger than the other to whom I am called to be gentle. Stronger coz I belong to the Father and as co-heirs to His kingdom, I am strong myself. And when I am strong, I can choose to be gentle and meek. Simple na.
The Song that I used to sing many times now makes much more sense. The songs titled "Give Thanks"
"And now let teh weak say i am strong,
Let the poor say i am rich,
because of what the Lord has done for me."
"Give thanks with a grateful Heart…" 
PS. Thank God I just write hear and u do not have to actually hear me sing.
Beautiful and marvelous are the ways of the Lord to show light. I thank Jenny who was the spark through her Facebook status message.

Posted via email from Ashish’s Thoughtlets

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