PAA – A beautiful Movie

Loved the movie PAA written and directed by Balki produced by AB Corp Ltd starring the Father as the Son and the Son as the father. Interesting na.
But I really loved was the Pro Life Message that runs through the entire movie as a the essential link. The characters have modern values but love life in all its forms. That I believe is the beauty of this wonderfully written, directed and acted Motion Picture.
Vidya Balan as the Gynae who advises Women postponing their child birth on its harmful effects and scenes of her standing up to have a baby out of wedlock is something that has not been seen in Hindi Movies in the recent past.
Its after a long time that I have seen a movie and enjoyed every bit of it. Congrats Balki and the AB corp Lt team form coming out with such brilliance in story as well as Characters. That would make it a very effective Movie that would shed the right ideals as far as Pro Life values are concerned.
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