The Church Fathers & Holy Eucharist


It is the cure to the cardinal sins

“If the poison of pride is swelling up in you, turn to the Eucharist; and that Bread, Which is your God humbling and disguising Himself, will teach you humility. If the fever of selfish greed rages in you, feed on this Bread; and you will learn generosity. If the cold wind of coveting withers you, hasten to the Bread of Angels; and charity will come to blossom in your heart. If you feel the itch of intemperance, nourish yourself with the Flesh and Blood of Christ, Who practiced heroic self-control during His earthly life; and you will become temperate. If you are lazy and sluggish about spiritual things, strengthen yourself with this heavenly Food; and you will grow fervent. Lastly, if you feel scorched by the fever of impurity, go to the banquet of the Angels; and the spotless Flesh of Christ will make you pure and chaste”
St Cyril of Alexandria

We need to recieve the Eucharist to remain in Grace

“As the body cannot be sustained without corporeal food, nor continue in natural life, so without this life-giving food the soul cannot persist in the spiritual life of grace.”  St Dionysius the Carthusian

We should go for Communion DAILY

It is good and beneficial to communicate everyday, and to partake of the Holy Body and Blood of Christ. For He distinctly says, ” He that eateth my Flesh and drinketh my Blood hath eternal life.  And who doubts that too share frequently in Life, is the same thing as to have manifold Life.” St Basil

Reading up. Will share more. Watch this space.

God Bless you







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