choiceA much abused word in these times. The virtue of obedience is best understood by practicing it.

These days am in a dilemma. While my mind says to do something, my heart says to obey those in authority. Spoke to those who are dear to me and realised that what is important is that I be obedient.

The saints have done it even though it might have percieved it to be an injustice. These are times where the Lord is looking to improve us through the ones He has placed in authority.

Jesus himself was completely obedient to His parents, St Joesph and Mother Mary even though realistically speaking He was more qualified. After all who knows something better than its creator!!! He was completely obedient to His Father in Heaven, obedient unto death, a painful one at that.

I feel it heals us of our sin of Pride, improves us to accept everything in love and helps us to grow in Love with God our creator. Disobedience bought sin into this world. That is the Highway through which Satan is bringing on more and more sin into this world

I thank the Church and my parents for having taught me the virtue of obedience.

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One Response to Obedience

  1. Tomas says:

    obedience.. thanks ashish for highlighting it 🙂
    JUST AS THE FATHER LOVES ME, so I love you..remain in my love. If you obey me, u will remain in my love, just as i obey my Father and remain in His love….(cf Jn 15:9-11) Oooooopss.. this insistence on obedience is purely coz you and i can remain in this experience of God’s love only by obeying.. even 4 jesus, it ws the case… v 11 is so beautiful.. i spoke about obedience to u not to limit your freedom or to take away uer happiness, i spoke of obedience so that MY JOY MIGHT BE IN YOU AND UER JOY WILL BE COMMMPPLLLLEEEETTTEEEE.
    Great isn’t it? to obey.. it is the lifestyle of a child who experience continually His love

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